Top 10 Test Best Spinners of All Over The World

top 10 test best spinnersSpin-bowling is, undoubtedly, among the most crafty and most challenging areas of the sport of cricket. So that you can get the higher of good quality batsmen a bowler must depend on rebound, trip, move and drop. Taking into consideration the issue in learning the skill involved, it’s not surprising when they have been in their early 30s, that top 10 test best spinners have reached their finest. There were several world class spinners to get played with Test cricket over its 137-year old background; so, to decide on only 10 from a huge array of options is very challenging. However, here are my top spinners of-time

Top 10 test best spinners #1  

Saqlain Mushtaq

Mushtaq had an essential function to play in restoring the craft of off spin bowling. With bats that are larger and level pitches engulfing the sport, off spin was of being marginalized in the 1990s, at serious risk. But Mushtaq guaranteed by being the very first bowler to expose the doosra to global cricket that wasn’t the situation. He did taper off as time passes as batsmen began becoming used to his editions while his early years as a global cricketer were fantastic, befuddling one together with his doosra. He completed his Test career from 49 Checks with 208 wickets, having performed with his last Test in the time of 28.

Top 10 test best spinners #2

Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir is probably the second greatest leg-spinner ever, only inferior to the great Shane Warne. He took 236 wickets in 67 Test matches and has the best figures by a Pakistan bowler in Test cricket: 9/56 against England in 1987. He had a bag of tricks up his sleeve, a well-disguised googly being the most lethal of them all, with which he wreaked havoc on supportive wickets.

Top 10 test best spinners #3

 Bishan Bedi

Bishan Bedi is perhaps the most classical left-arm spinner you are likely to see. Apart from possessing a beautiful smooth action, he also had the bravery to toss the ball up time and again, in the hope of deceiving batsmen in the air and succeeded in it, as well. His record of 266 wickets in 67 Tests is very good, but you can’t help but feel that he would’ve picked way many more wickets had he played in a stronger Indian team than that of the 1960s and 70s.

Top 10 test best spinners #4

Erapalli Prasanna

While 189 wickets in 49 Tests at an average of 30.88 isn’t all that revealing of his class, off-spinner Prasanna, a part of the famous spin quartet for India in the 1960s and 70s, was the best of the lot according to many knowledgeable observers, no mean feat when the other three of that pack are Bishan Singh Bedi, BS Chandrasekhar, and S Venkataraghavan. What made him stand out from other spinners was his ability to seemingly have the ball on a string; batsmen would step out of their crease in order to reach the pitch of the ball and smother the spin, only to fall short more often than not.

Top 10 test best spinners  #5

Lance Gibbs

Lance Gibbs was only the second bowler and the first spinner to reach 300 Test wickets. The off-spinner played 79 Tests in a career that lasted 18 years, a tribute to his skill and longevity. He had remarkable accuracy and the ability to bowl long spells, which held him in good stead for the rigors of the longer format of the game. His best performance came against Indians, who are good players of spin bowling, at Barbados in 1962, when he bowled a staggering 53.5 overs and took 8 wickets for just 38 runs.

Top 10 test best spinners  #6

 Jim Laker

Jim Laker will forever be remembered for the Old Trafford Test match against Australia in 1956. He took 9/37 in the first innings and 10/53 in the second. He was a mighty fine bowler, without the doubt, contributing in a number of Test match victories for England. The right-arm off break bowler ended his career in 1959, against Australia, finishing off a glorious 11-year career with 193 wickets from 46 Tests.

Top 10 test best spinners  #7

 Derek Underwood

Derek Underwood was more of a slow-medium bowler rather than a spinner and generally cut the ball rather than spun it. While his methods were different to that of a conventional spinner, he was extremely effective. He was nicknamed ‘Deadly’ by his Kent team-mates due to the havoc he caused on wet pitches. Although Underwood benefitted by playing in the era of uncovered pitches, he wasn’t too bad on good wickets, either, as his 297 wickets in 86 Tests show.

Top 10 test best spinners #8

 Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is the classic case of a bowler making the most of his abilities. While he wasn’t a big turner of the ball, he used his accuracy coupled with the bounce that he extracted due to his height, to great effect. The Karnataka bowler, popularly referred to as ‘Jumbo’, is still the leading wicket-taker for India in Tests, with 619 wickets from 132 Test matches. He was also just the 2nd bowler, after Jim Laker, to take all 10 wickets in an innings in Test cricket, with his unique feat of 10/74 being achieved against Pakistan in 1999.

Top 10 test best spinners  #9

 Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan, with a mind-boggling 800 Test wickets from a mere 133 matches, was quite simply, in the nicest way possible, a freak. While Saqlain Mushtaq invented the doosra, the ball that turns the other way in contrast to the conventional off-break. It would be fair to say that Murali perfected it and went on to confound numerous batsmen with the delivery. While it is true that his unique ability to be able to create extra spin with his right shoulder and wrist gave him a huge advantage over other bowlers. He still had to be good enough to be able to bowl at the international level.

Top 10 test best spinners  #10  

Shane Warne

The period during the 1970s and 80s was the era of fast bowlers, with the likes of Dennis Lillee, Michael Holding, and Malcolm Marshall. Just to name a few, causing havoc for batsmen around the world and, thereby, inspiring young kids to bowl fast. Shane Warne’s emergence in the early 1990s changed that narrative and made spin bowling fashionable once again. He started off his Test career poorly but grew over time to become the best spinner, I believe, to have played the game. He perplexed many batsmen with his flight and guile throughout his time in the game. That was also one of the major factors in Australia dominating the cricketing landscape. Apart from his palpable skills with the ball, he also had one of the sharpest cricketing brains. Fetching him a colossal 708 Test wickets from 145 Tests.

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